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What tech companies look for when it comes to graduate software engineers

An image of a group of people in graduation clothing
Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

Last week I sat down with some graduate software engineers and discussed what we were going to do for 2021, how I plan to advertise and vet our applicants.

It started with some of the characteristics and hallmarks I look for — things I have seen which have led to…

I would consider myself a bit of a ‘fishing nut’ and I am sure those that know me would agree, and honestly. I love it. All forms from fly fishing to spearfishing. To me, they all encompass similar properties that make me completely addicted to the act.

I would say…

Screenshot of Catchup Cues

Catch-ups or 1-on-1’s as they can be referred to are essentially staff meetings that take place throughout the month. There is a bunch of research to suggest they play a massive role in improving the quality and performance of staff within a company.

The general purpose of one-on-ones are

  • Pulse checks / Status updates
  • An opportunity…

Lindsay Jopson

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