How is Fishing Meditation?

Lindsay Jopson
7 min readApr 1, 2020

I would consider myself a bit of a ‘fishing nut’ and I am sure those that know me would agree, and honestly. I love it. All forms from fly fishing to spearfishing. To me, they all encompass similar properties that make me completely addicted to the act.

I would say my personality type would be that of an extravert. I have a lot of energy that I enjoy sharing my energy with others.

I am by no means ‘built like a fisherman’. I am essentially a Computer Nerd who spends their days in front of a computer in an office.

I often find myself explaining why I love fishing so much to people and recently I have discovered it is due to it being my form of meditation.

The leap to understand why I loved fishing so much came when I invested in a kayak. This meant I was fishing alone. It was on one particular fishing trip where I was sitting alone in the middle of the sea, I leant back in my kayak and I realised, the stresses from the ‘city life’ and all that which surrounds it was not present in my mind. My shoulders were relaxed, my mind was clear, and all I was thinking about was how I could get a fish, onto the other end of my line.

At this moment I realised. This is my meditation.

I have always been envious of those that meditate, do yoga and lay there ‘thinking about nothing’. I have never had a still mind. I would say I am very easily distracted. However the moment I recognised this stillness while in the middle of the ocean, my fondness for fishing grew exponentially.

For those that see fishing as simply the act of killing fish for consumption, I understand why you think that, and to be honest, most people are introduced to fishing in this way.

A lot of time, when you first start going fishing you will be introduced to it as ‘we have to catch a fish for this day to be successful’. And typically that is what happens when you fish with a group of people or pay to go fishing on a fishing charter.

After a while, the pleasure of fishing using a technique you know works, in a spot in the ocean you know holds fish, ‘going fishing’ changes entirely.

It is no longer enjoyable in the same way it once was. This is where you start to learn new fishing techniques, try new…

Lindsay Jopson